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If we see someone we like across a bar, we're more likely to unlock our phone and start swiping to see if they crop up on Bumble or Happn than we are to go over and talk to them.

y move, where women hang around in slinky cocktail dresses waiting to either be claimed by a man or throw a martini in their face.

My heart started beating a bit faster, but I wasn’t going to back down. But just to ram the message home, he added, ‘We’ve just bought a house.’ I carried on smiling and chatting, just to show that my world had not just ended because he had a girlfriend (which it hadn’t) and we made small talk about property prices before he got off. And yes, it was moderately embarrassing – but I didn’t care.

I waited a minute before asking, ‘Where do you live? Mr Tired-In-A-Suit looked slightly alarmed and said, ‘Er, Streatham.’ ‘Is it nice? I could see he was torn between not wanting to be rude and worrying that he had a nutter on his hands. ‘Yes, WE like it very much,’ he replied, with the emphasis on the ‘WE’. I was too busy celebrating the fact that I was a total and utter hero.

I wanted to come up with something witty and easy-going. Instead I asked him if the train was always this crowded.

He looked up from his phone, said, ‘Yes’, and looked back down again. It was a total failure in that it ended up with no numbers exchanged, no invitation for a drink or dinner.

The last point is why working on yourself is one of the most powerful ways you can become more confident about going to talk to an attractive stranger.

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These men carry a “nimbus”, a sort of healthy glow that causes them to stand out from other men.Think you couldn't chat up a stranger on public transport?Marianne Power felt the fear - and did it anyway Rex Features It was a packed train at rush hour and he was standing right next to me – a tall, tired-looking guy in a dark suit and brown shoes.But we shouldn't forget the romance of randomly meeting someone who hasn't been vetted through swipes and pre-approved photographs, the excitement of looking at someone and not yet knowing if they are single or whether they like but feeling compelled enough to find out.I started to ask other men in my life about going up to talk to women they didn't know.

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